In 2001, 28-year-old Andrew Bagby was found shot to death in a park in Pennsylvania. He had recently broken up with his girlfriend, Shirley Turner. As evidence was building up against Turner, who was released on bail, she fled to her home country of Canada. While awaiting extradition she revealed that she was pregnant with Andrew’s child, whom she named Zachary. Andrew’s parents fought for custody of Zachary but failed. Shirley was granted custody.

In June 2003 the Attorney General ordered that Shirley be extradited to the US. She appealed and a hearing was set for September 2003 but she never made it to that hearing. On August 18, when Zachary was just 1-year-old, Shirley strapped him to her stomach with a sweater and jumped into the Atlantic ocean, killing the both of them.

The movie, Dear Zachary, is based on the crime.

Sometimes I think of atoms as tiny people who are extremely scared and hold hands with each other a lot. I imagine that my body is made of tiny, scared people, and they pick up mugs and books, which are made of other tiny, scared people. And when you sex someone it’s just lots of tiny, scared people holding hands. I think about the tiny people that are me and I feel less alone. I’m an army of tiny people, trying their best.

Ben Brooks (via thatlitsite)

I’ve been saying "casin-o!" instead of ‘casino’ all day because of an uber driver I had months ago.

Don’t you folks ever take a break from being outraged?

Everything’s always miserable on Tumblr, where college kids that never leave their bedrooms tell you how to think.


The Marvel/DC Film Retrospective | Episode 1: “Fantastic Four”

Author and director Jayme K. (Disorderly, Practice Makes Perfect) and Amy Fox critique and discuss 2005’s ‘Fantastic Four’ starring Ioan Gruffodd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, Michael Chiklis, Kerry Washington, Julian McMahon, and Laurie Holden.